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We believe small business is being taken advantage of by AT&T and Comcast forcing corporations to pay high fxed and variable fees for business lines and key stranded numbers.  We are a Michigan business committed to leveling the telephone technology playing feld to the advantage of small business.

If you’re a business owner, manager or administrator, you’d probably love to find an easy way to cut costs. And, you’re likely pressed for time.

The solution can be as close as having an expert analyze your communication plans. Rob Nelson is a telephony and Data Transmission Consultant with Averabet, an independent telecommunications consulting firm. A recent USA Today survey that found most businesses are paying for 35 percent more telecom capacity than they need. Averabet helps clients reduce their expenses by monitoring contracts for local and long-distance land lines, cell phones, Internet service providers, data transport, video, and teleconferencing. By continuously tracking vendor plans and offers, clients get independent, objective recommendations that save them time and money.

Keeping up with the constantly changing plans and offers of communications vendors and their competitors is tough. Applying that information to a firm’s own changing needs month after month is time consuming, and it’s a distraction from critical core business activities. Most folks choose to just let it slide rather than expend the time and resources required. This doesn’t have to be. By having a professional, independent telecom expert come in, businesses can save time, increase profits, add security and produce efficiency gains.

Averabet receives no kickbacks or incentives from telecom suppliers. Our independent and objective telecommunications consulting recommendations are based solely on best interests and comprise consideration of all available rates and plans. Averabet has access to a network of consultants with decades of experience in every area of telecommunications. If we do not have a solution for a specific problem, we know where to find one.

A company’s review includes: 1. Completing analysis of billing information from existing vendors 2. Compilation of a report summarizing current spending, historical billing errors and recommendations for savings.

If a client accepts a recommendation we move forward with the selected vendors to implement the savings. Most clients choose a no-risk billing method where the fee is a share of the savings generated by these recommendations. Clients must approve each recommendation and if they approve we share the savings over the term of our agreement. After the term all savings accrue to them. We follow up after implementation to assure that the benefits are realized and over time we continue to compare them against the market and recommend additional savings.

Optimization does not necessarily mean changing vendors. Right-sizing and auditing for billing errors can result in significant savings.


Telecommunications Optimization, Cell Phone Optimization and Management, Unified Communications, Cloud Computing, Hosted Services, Co-location, SIP Trunking, Disaster Recovery.

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  1. Rob,

    I’m a local Account Executive for Comcast Business Class and been successfully supporting independent consultants for almost two years. I started in the Industry as a Technician and have used my experience to help consultants like yourself deliver accurate information to your clients. If you are interested in working together, please contact me at 248.687.4199.

    Happy New Year!

    Angelo Balone
    Comcast Business Class
    Detroit Market

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